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Cut To The Chase offers friendly and informal speed networking events for businesses looking for a time-effective and cost-efficient platform on which to raise their profile, increase referrals and share ideas with like-minded individuals. With today's fast-paced and time-poor lifestyles that many of us struggle to balance, Cut to the Chase Speed Networking events offer an alternative to conventional or traditional networking. A Cut to the Chase event guarantees that in just a couple of hours you will have met and spoken with every single person in the room. It's about 'cutting to the chase' - and getting down to business.
Most people, when they hear the words "speed networking" immediately think of speed dating. And they'd be on the right track. Both concepts share similarities in that the basic workings of the events are the same. However, where speed dating exists for people to eliminate potential suitors, there's no elimination in speed networking. Each and every person is a potential suitor and may have the means and ways of boosting your business.

Cut to the Chase speed networking is a fast-paced, structured, informal, fun and friendly environment, where like-minded businesses meet and share ideas. There's no small talk as time is of the essence!
Cut To The Chase clients get very special deals on an excellent range of business startup books from Crimson Publishing (see the website for a selection of the books available). When you attend an event, take away a leaflet with the promotional code for a 25% discount!!

To learn how to get the best out of business networking, download our free Cut To The Chase publication "How to make networking your most powerful marketing tool".

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