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This calendar is the main source of events listed in the regular NextWeek in Business Networking newsletter issued by John Coupland (of ACCELerate™ Your Business); if you don't receive it, you can register here (or click here to view some recent newsletters).

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Please click here for help on adding your own events; or here for help on searching the calendar for specific event types or locations.

The best view for reading this calendar is "AGENDA".

If you already use Google Calendar, you can VIEW THIS CALENDAR WITHIN YOURS by adding "chislehurstfair[at]" (replace "[at]" with "@") as a "Friend's calendar".

Adding your own events to the calendar.
Provided that your events are primarily networking, and are not events which just promote particular services or products, you can ADD YOUR EVENTS to this calendar, but you will need your own Google calendar to do that. They are very simple to setup, if you don't already have one (see here for instructions, if you're not familiar with setting up a Google calendar).

Once you've set one up, go into Settings (the little gear-wheel icon, top-right) and change the timezone to "GMT+00.00 (London)". Click on the calendar at the appropriate date and time for your event, then click "Edit Event". Replace "Untitled event" with the location and a very brief description (e.g. "Canterbury - Networking Breakfast"). Modify the date/time fields if necessary (you can just type into the time fields, if you need minutes other than 00 or 30). ULTRA IMPORTANT: In the "Where" box, DON'T put the venue address; but instead enter a link to the website page, if you have one, where people can find details and/or book (this is important, because it allows people, when they see your event in the NextWeek in Business Networking newsletter, to click on the link and go straight to your site). If there is no website page to link to, enter your contact details (e.g. email address and/or phone number). Please be aware that any email address entered in the Calendar is publicly searchable, so can be picked up by spammers etc. You might therefore wish to disguise it in some way (e.g. "fredbloggs at gmail dot com") but, if you do so, it will then not appear as a "clickable" hyperlink when it appears in the Newsletter. All other text, including venue, address, maplinks, cost and detailed description, goes in the "DESCRIPTION" box.

If your event occurs regularly, click on "Repeat" and select the required parameters.

Once your event entry is complete, go to the "Add Guests" box within the event (you may need to click on "add Guests" first if there is no open text box); enter "chislehurstfair[at]" in the box (but replacing "[at]" with "@"); click on "Add"; then click on "SAVE" at the top of the page. It will ask if you wish to "invite guests" - click on "NO" (unless you actually do wish to invite John Coupland - the NextWeek in Business Networking newsletter editor - specifically as a guest to your event). NOTE: If you create several separate events, they will have to be added INDIVIDUALLY to the Networking Calendar; so always use the REPEAT facility, if you possibly can (as all events defined by that REPEAT will be shared automatically, even if you subsequently change them).

Searching in the calendar. In the embedded form above, the calendar is not searchable using Google search; but once you have a Google calendar of your own, you can incorporate the networking calendar temporarily into that and then search on it - just click on "Other calendars", select "Add a friend's calendar", then enter chislehurstfair[at]" (but replacing "[at]" with "@"). Then, typing your search term, such as "speed networking" or "Maidstone", into the Google Search box at the top of the calendar will bring up all the events in the calendar for that search term.

The addition of events to this calendar is an instant and un-moderated process; but I reserve the right to delete any entries which are inappropriate or not within or very adjacent to our geographical region (Kent, Surrey, Sussex and south London).

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