The Privacy Policy in respect of data collected by SourceOut Limited and its representatives

This document defines THE PRIVACY POLICY OF SOURCEOUT LIMITED - in respect of data collected from website www.sourceout.biz or www.cuttothechase.co; sent to a sourceout or cuttothechase email address; provided as a business card or other form of contact data to a representative of SourceOut Limited with a request to provide further information; obtained from membership data of organisations of which a representative of SourceOut Limited is also a member; or obtained from business directories and similar publicly available contact listings.

SourceOut Limited operates on the overall basis known as "permission-based marketing". We may collect and retain, dependent on the source, the following data about you, obtained from one of the sources listed above: The data are retained in our private and confidential records, maintained on a computer system owned by SourceOut Limited and installed in secure premises, protected by appropriate levels of security software against unauthorised access. A subset of the data comprising first and last name, company name and email address, may also be stored online by a secure emailing service provider operating under contract to SourceOut Limited.

By booking a Cut To The Chase or similar event operated by SourceOut Limited or its representatives, you agree to your contact details being made available to other attendees of that event. SourceOut Limited makes such data available to such attendees subject to the general principles of permission-based marketing but has no control over how such attendees use the data and therefore accepts no responsibility in respect of any material or other breaches of the principles by such persons. Under no other circumstances is this data passed to any 3rd parties other than persons operating within the remit of the SourceOut operation (which currently includes SourceOut Limited, Cut To The Chase speed networking and 4Networking Bromley & Orpington areas). Data held online by the secure emailing service provider are held under the agreement that the provider has no access to that data other than for technical purposes and may not use that data in any form or for any purpose whatsoever.

Financial data such as credit card numbers, bank accounts etc. are processed securely by an appropriately licensed and vetted banking organisation and is not passed to SourceOut Limited. Bank data as may be obtained from cheque payments or bank transfers are neither recorded nor stored anywhere by SourceOut Limited.

The data are used initially to provide you with the requested information, services or goods. In the case of any information which has been obtained by us specifically in response to an actual or implied request for information, we may also use it subsequently to send you information that we consider may be of use and relevance to you, strictly within the context of your original enquiry or discussion with us. Where the information has been obtained without any actual or implied request for information, then it will be used once only to advise you of our services and products and to provide you with the opportunity to give us permission to continue sending you information of that nature.

If such permission is not provided, then we shall send no further information unsolicited. In this instance, we will retain only sufficient of your data to allow us to be aware that you have not granted such permission and therefore, implicitly, do not require the information, so that we may avoid accidentally adding you to our lists of information receivers should we subsequently obtain a new copy of your contact data from a different source. The exception to this would be the instance where the nature of the new source was such that permission would normally be deemed to have been granted.

You have the right to request a copy of any information we hold about you and to request the deletion or amendment of your data at any time, by completing the enquiry form on our website or sending us a letter or an email. All communications sent to you will advise that you may unsubscribe at any time and provide a simple mechanism for you to achieve this. All deletion and unsubscribe requests are dealt with promptly; your data will be deleted from all live files immediately and not used again to communicate in any way with you. It will be retained in records which indicate that you have chosen to unsubscribe, and which are checked when adding new data to ensure that previously unsubscribed records are not accidentally restored to live status. Deleted data necessarily remains on security backup archives for up to 2 years before being completely deleted.

New versions of this Privacy Policy will be posted on this web site, so please check back periodically for updates.

If you have any further questions in respect of this policy or how your data are held and used, please use the contact facility on our website.