All American Video Poker Summarized for Players

The All American video poker game is an exciting game played with one hand of cards. The higher the bet, the bigger the win. Created by Amaya Software, this is a great example of a classic poker game. Basic graphics and sound do not detract from the thrill of chancy video poker play.

All American Settings

All American video poker offers some settings that can easily be adjusted to personal preferences using the two icons at the bottom of the game screen.
The speaker icon can turn the sound on or off.

The wrench icon can adjust or access the following: Sound Effects, Fast Play, Always play “Gamble”, Never play “Gamble” and the Game History (this is not available for practice games).

All American Controls Manual

The Coin Value button with arrows (bottom right of the game screen), lets a player select and set the coin value.

The Bet Level button will adjust the bet level. Max Bet will play at level 5 and cards will then be dealt instantly. Set the coin value before using this.

Click Deal when ready in the similar way the punters click on “Bet” button in golf betting USA.

The first round of cards are held automatically. Undo this using the Held button below each card. The Hold button will hold or re-hold a card.

Click Draw to receive final cards.

Upon winning the Gamble button can be used to open another screen that offers one of two options. Place money on red or black, or place money on a card suit. If guessed correctly, winnings can be multiplied two or four times.

Click Collect to receive money and return to the main game or stay and play as many times as desired.

All American Video Poker Bet Limits

Bet Limits

Various bets are possible with a choice of five different bet levels and a range of coin values (0.10 up to 10.00) to choose from.

All American Game Play

Conventional poker rules are utilised in making up hands when playing All American video poker.

This video poker game is played in one hand using a single card deck, which is shuffled before each hand is dealt.

The special feature hand is called Jacks or Better.

Poker Hands

When playing All American video poker the succeeding poker hands are used:

Royal Straight Flush a matching set, all same suit

Straight Flush five cards in series, all same suit

Four of a Kind four cards, same value

Full House three cards, same value plus two cards, same value

Flush five cards, same suit

Straight five cards in series, different suits

Three of a Kind three cards, same value

Two Pair two cards, same value

Jack or Better a pair of J’s, Q’s, K’s, or A’s

Pay Table or Win Plan

The payout per hand is shown in the middle of the game screen with another pay table to the leftof it, showing the possible payouts.

The finest All American video poker hand achievable is the Royal Straight Flush which will increase profit by 4000 coins when playing at maximum level.