Describing about Novelty Betting on the Super Bowl

Novelty Betting on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a great tradition where the advertisements are rife and the football action overwhelming. The Super Bowl represents the greatest day of football spectatorship, packed with outrageous ceremonies and celebrities; this sports competition has a host of exciting prospects for ludicrous betting action.

Canadians in quest of unique novelty or prop bets on Super Bowl Sunday should continue reading for all you need to know about the best novelty Super Bowl betting types. We take a look at the most unique wagers on Super Bowl and provide you with potentially lucrative betting games come Super Bowl Sunday.

Novelty Betting for Beginners

With numerous wagering types within sports betting markets Canadians have an assortment of various betting types available for Super Bowl. These bets range and vary from outright bets to money line bets

Punters seeking a bet type out of the ordinary and some type of betting action to fill the gaps between the start of the game and the final whistle will be eager to learn about novelty bets, which are found within many sports betting disciplines but prove to be most exciting on Super Bowl betting markets.

Novelty or Prop bets are bets that do not directly affect a sporting event or games final outcome. With this in mind, novelty betting is then betting on various outcomes directly relating to the game but not the final influencing factor, which is the final score line.

Novelty Betting can be Anything

The following novelty bets are not set in stone but rather aim to provide punters with a sense of what exactly novelty or prop betting is.

One of the single greatest factors of novelty betting is the fact that a novelty bet can literally be placed on any single occurrence relating to the Super Bowl.

Like AU bettors using options at, Canadian punters can make use of the novelty bets here or simply opt for any other novelty bet on the table. Punters should keep in mind that novelty bets are not down to strategy; rather novelty Super Bowl bets are based on pure chance.

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

The best Super Bowl novelty or prop bets are fun and rewarding. Punters from Canada seeking an alternative method to longer lasting betting action during the Super Bowl can make use of novelty bets in order to enhance the holistic betting experience within Super Bowl betting options.

It is important to remember that the majority of novelty bets in Super Bowl are fun and exciting and should not be accounted for as the one and only bet. With various Super Bowl novelty bets, making use of a full variety will allow for the maximum benefit in the sports betting niche.

List of the Super Bowl Novelty Bets

List of the Super Bowl Novelty Bets

The following list of Super Bowl novelty bets speak for themselves. Punters from Canada wishing to lay a wager on any of these Super Bowl prop bets can make use of various platforms to do so. The majority of online sports betting providers afford punters with full access to a range of Super Bowl novelty bets.

If your chosen provider does not extend the type of novelty bet you wish to place, simply opt for another provider who is sure to own a Super Bowl prop bet that will tickle your interest.

Canadians can expect to see Super Bowl novelty bets including but not limited to:

The length of the national anthem where you can estimate it to be over or under a certain amount of time.

The coin toss to be heads or tails.

The team that will win the coin toss.

The first offensive plays in the game where you will be given a few options.

The first team to score points in the match.

The first play to leave points on the boar with the selection of whether it will be a touchdown or field goal.

The jersey number of the first player to score whether that number is odd or even.

The team to score last in the game.

The quarter with the highest number of points scored.

The quarterback to have the most passing yards.

The total points scored.

The player that will win MVP.

The winning team and many others.