Intro To Craps – A Social Game

Craps is by far the most social casino game of them all. In a typical casino setup, there will always be folks huddled around a craps table – talking laughing, interacting, and encouraging one another.

In short, for those looking for a competitive but fun casino game, Craps is perfect.

In The Beginning

Craps as we know it today is thought by historians to have originated from the English game of Hazard. This game was played with two dice, and even received honourable mention in the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, around the 14th century.

But some believe Craps could have been played as far back as the 13th century, when Roman Empire soldiers used to shave pig knuckles into rounded cubes. These cubes were then tossed onto inverted shields as a sort of game. This was where the phrase “to roll the bones” originated from.

We also know that Craps was brought to New Orleans by French American politician Bernard de Marigny. During this time, the game was called “Crapaud”, meaning “frog”, because of the way players appeared when they were crouched down playing in alleys.

Craps Basics

Every casino game including online bingo NZ has an edge, and for Craps, the house edge is 1.41%.

Walking up to a game of Craps in the casino, you will notice that there aren’t any specific player-seats like in Blackjack or Poker. Instead, a game can accommodate however many people can fit around the table.

Each table will be manned by two dealers. The table’s layout will be divided into a common area (in the middle) and two identical areas at each opposite side of the table.

Every player plays by making use of a different colour of chips. This is how dealers keep track of chips belonging to specific players around the table. This is also why it’s important not to move around the table once you have your chips in hand.

A bet can be played before every throw of the dice. When just starting out, it’s usually a good idea to hang back to get an idea of how the action progresses.

Types Of Bets

Craps makes provision for three types of bets: a proposition bet, a series bet, and a field bet:

  • Series Bet. A series bet can involve the shooter rolling the dice a number of times before the outcome of the bet is tallied. There are four types of series bets: the pass line bet, the odds on pass line bet, the come bet, and the place bet.
  • Field Bet. A field bet lasts for only a single roll of the dice.
  • Proposition Bet. This bet too, lasts for only one roll of the dice.

Tips To Play By

  • Always check the table limit before placing a wager. Do this to make sure that the table limit is within the size of your bankroll. Limits typically go up during the day, which means they may be lower in the morning time.
  • Don’t worry about getting your chips in exactly the right space. The dealer will move them for you.
  • Remember to tip the dealer when leaving the table.