Tech Taking Online Casinos Into The Future

Certain industries always act as a spearhead for technological advancement. In the modern era it is online casinos that are leading the charge, introducing tech leaps that are taking the world in a new direction. From impressive AI to interactive streaming, the online casino world is a marvel. These are the tech evolutions that are turning online casinos into technological wonderlands.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) isn’t exactly a new concept. It has, in fact, been around since the 80s and early 90s, with a mini-industry springing up around the headsets. But, as gaming tech advanced in a different direction, early VR gradually fell out of favour.

But it’s back, and better than ever. VR has been making a comeback, resurfacing now as the best version of itself. With tech advancements VR is better than it has ever been, so refined that modern gamers can barely believe their eyes. Yes, now is the time for what started in the 90s to finally reach its peak. Online casinos have been quick to adopt VR, offering digital gambling that is fully compatible with advanced headsets. It remains to be seen where the VR tech evolution goes, but as it stands many online casinos are fully VR friendly.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is also not a new concept, but has only recently become more viable. Cloud gaming is based around the idea that it is not necessary for a user to download software. Instead the game software sits on an external server, then is streamed to the user as is needed. This swift transfer of information makes online gaming dramatically easier and more convenient.

Online casinos have jumped on the idea, allowing games to quickly and easily be accessed. Most online casinos are gradually adopting the tech, but there are hurdles that still have to be overcome before cloud gaming becomes the standard.

The biggest hurdle is global internet speeds. Although the average internet speed has increased dramatically, it is still not fast enough that cloud gaming has become the standard.

Live Streaming

Also entirely based around average internet speeds is live streaming gaming. Bingo Canada casinos have already been introduced, and for the most part have found incredible success. The idea is that real dealers can facilitate casino games in real environments, with the feed instantly streamed to users around the world. Live streaming is without a doubt the best way to have a genuine, interactive casino experience at home, with real money being spent and awarded.

Again, it will be some time before the majority of the world can enjoy streaming benefits, but live casino games are already a hit.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around longer even than early VR, by a long shot, but is more recently becoming a buzzword. In online casinos AI is being used to provide better customer support, to give users better suggestions on which games they might like, and much more. If you engage a customer support centre these days chances are you’re actually initially talking to an AI.